Mama’s Retreat:

Break Free From Your Ex

Discover the Freedom to Take Back Your Power and Reclaim Your Happiness

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Your Ex tries to undermine everything you do.

Your relationship with your kids is suffering.

Your relationships with yourself and others are suffering.

You spend tons of time wondering, “when is this all going to end?”

The time is now!

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the time is now
So what do you do

So what do you do?

NO MORE feeling controlled.

NO MORE lying awake at night.

NO MORE helpless moments worrying about the children.


NO MORE wasting time and money on attorneys and the court system.

Mama’s Retreat 2022

Break free for yourself.

Discover the freedom to take back your power and reclaim your happiness.

September 29 – October 2
Nashville, TN

Spend 3 glorious days and nights in a beautiful, relaxing, and fun environment as you transform your experience as a woman and mom.

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Calm Your Nervous System,
Take Back Your Power and
Reclaim Your Happiness

With Dr. Sarah Allen, Amy Armstrong, and Amy Lee Flower

Sarah Allen

Dr. Sarah Allen

Dr. Sarah is a neuropsychologist, author, mom of 2 with 2 bonus kids, and has her own challenging journey of blending families, co-parenting and single parenting. With humor and good sense, Dr. Sarah will support you with an understanding of the brain science that will result in growth for you and your kids.

Amy Armstrong

Amy Armstrong

Amy is an innovative coach and social worker, committed to resolving even the most heated family challenges. She celebrates amazing results, with clients feeling empowered, valued, and connected. Amy’s warm and inviting approach brings wisdom and support for all her clients.

Amy Lee Flower

Amy Lee Flower

Amy Lee has a multifaceted approach, offering unique yoga, meditation and mindfulness programs that help children, teens, women, and families. With 17 years of experience, Amy teaches social-emotional learning skills in 30+ schools, supporting thousands of students and educators throughout the country. Her bright spirit uplifts and supports participants in all her events.

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